A look forward


2017 was a big year. I started my painting business, changed jobs, moved into our first home and got married. It was full of some of the most excited times of my life, but also an overwhelming amount of change. As I reflect on the past year I'm so excited for what's to come in 2018. My painting business definitely took a back seat to navigating a new job, moving into our home and wedding planning. But, as life settles down and becomes a little more routine I’m able to refocus.

I have spent so much time and creative energy on our house. As we transform our spaces it is truly becoming a home. I have been sharing some of that journey through Instagram. At first, I was torn about posting, I’m definitely no interior designer. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's just a huge blank canvas and the largest piece of artwork I have ever created. It’s far from finished, but I love how it’s always changing and evolving. I’ll continue to post and update you on our home transformation journey. I have created a Pinterest board to keep track of our spaces and purchases. If you are interested you can follow it HERE

Now that we are getting settled I’m shifting my thoughts back to painting. I was forced to slow that down over the last year, but I’m so excited for it to ramp back up after the holidays. It’s such a creative outlet that’s so important to my mindset and happiness. I’m in the process of setting up my studio and I couldn’t be more in love with such a tiny space. It’s small, but it will be mighty! I’m so grateful to my husband who is not only letting me take over an area of our home, but is helping me transform it into my dream space.

I’ll post soon on the transformation and how I’m creating a space that will be flexible as an office/studio. I have some exciting commissions already in the works for 2018 and can’t wait for a fresh start in a new space with new ideas!

Warner Whatley